Call For Papers


Full length original and unpublished research papers based on theoretical or experimental contributions related to the following topics, but not limited to, are solicited for presentation in the conference. : -

 Designing speech/text corpora

 Narrative speech

 Speech perception concepts

 Phonetic/Phonological Systems

 Human Computer Interaction

 Designing speech/text corpora

 Speech processing tools

 Speaker Recognition

 Biometric systems and security tools

 Speaker Recognition in Biometric Systems and Security

 Under-Resourced Languages

 Assessment of distorted/impaired speech

 Text extraction and learning systems

 Encoder-Decoder based Speech perception

 Data augmentation and segmentation

 Speech Enhancement

 Speech Analysis

 Speech Representation

 Voice Biometry

 Metaverse and AI

 Multi-lingual language analysis

 Multilingual document collection

 Speech/Text Language translation

 Assessment tools for language proficiency

 Multilingual Data collection

 Language corpora evaluation

 Corpora for multiple language perception and recognition

 Corpora for impaired speech

 Corpus based speech recognition/synthesis

 Audio-Video corpus data

  Emotions detection and recognition

  Speech processing tools for dialectic languages

  Accent recognition and verification

  Speech prosody

  Acoustic assessment for speech perception

  Phonetic assessment of Oriental languages

  Forensic Speech Investigations

  Assistive Technologies

  Tools for low-resource languages

  Regional language processing tools

  Speech enhancement tools

  Enabling Speech and IoT technologies for the development of sustainable smart cities

  Knowledge Graphs and Information Retrieval

  Dialogue Systems

  Semantic Analysis

  Word Embeddings

  Syntax and Semantics

  Language Translation

  Explainable AI (XAI)

  Understanding ML/DL in NLU

List of topics

We invite papers describing substantial, original and unpublished research covering aspects of speech databases, assessments and speech I/O, including, but not limited to:

  • Assessment of speech input and output technologies
  • Multilingual speech and text corpora
  • Phonetic/phonological systems for Oriental languages
  • Narrative speech
  • Speech perception concepts
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Speech/Text Interface Design and Human Factors Engineering
  • Segmentation, Augmentation and labelling
  • Special topics on speech databases and assessments
  • Speech databases and text corpora
  • Speech processing models and systems
  • Speech Emotions, Prosody, Acoustic feature engineering
  • Assessment of distorted/impaired speech
  • Text extraction and learning systems
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Speech Analysis
  • Voice Biometry
  • Accents and Dialects of languages
  • Corpus based speech recognition/synthesis

Venue Address: Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, IGDTUW, James Church, Kashmere Gate, delhi-110006, India
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